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Better Communication CIC is able to support commissioners, providers and practitioners with implementing change to deliver better outcomes for children and young people.

Support for provider organisations

We can support providers with service reviews, service design, responding to tender applications, and interim management support.


Service reviews

We have significant experience in reviewing therapy services.  Reviews can be tailored to address a specific area of concern or challenge, through to a providing a total overview of the service with an analysis of fitness for purpose and an action plan.


Service design

Often linked to service reviews but sometimes a stand-alone project, we will work with the team to build a model which fits the local specification and demands.  Increasingly projects of this type are triggered by the need to demonstrate an ability to provide the service to the commissioning specification.


Tender applications

This is an increasing area of work for us as more services are having to respond to tenders.  We can provide advice in terms of the professional aspects of the service model to deliver the outcomes and can work with corporate teams regarding cost modelling if required.


Interim management support

Linked to the coaching element of the business, increasingly we are being asked to provide time-limited management support to service leads who are dealing with the challenges of the ever-changing context.