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Applying the evidence to the commissioning cycle – do and review


Cycle diagram

This section will focus on the evidence within the BCRP to support the models of service delivery to meet need identified in the "understand and plan" phases as well as the outcome measurement of the commissioned services.

A summary of the BCRP papers that inform the "do and review" stages of the cycle can be found here.

Commissioners, including Local Authority, CCG, School Leadership, need to consider the following key themes arising from the BCRP in terms of service provision (outlined in the Local Offer or the published school description of provision):

  •   The need for service delivery to be organised across a continuum of universal, targeted and specialist levels.
  •   The need for schools to understand their role in providing a supportive language and communication environment
  •   The need for provision to follow child need rather than diagnostic category.
  •   The need for commissioners to understand the quality of the evidence base: where there is empirical evidence and where evidence is indicative but acceptable.34
  •   The need to develop an on-going culture of practice evaluation in order to further develop quality of approach and the evidence base.
  •   The need for cost effectiveness measures to be incorporated into outcome measurement.
  •   Views of children, their families and young people to be central in the setting of outcomes, delivery of services and a key part of evaluation.